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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Ex-Patients To Return to Mental Hospital as Employees

Western State Mental Hospital, near Tacoma has been trying to reduce its use of seclusion and restraints. It’s part of a shift toward increased patient input and respect. Now, Western is taking that idea a step further. The hospital wants patients who have been discharged to return to Western – this time to work as [...]

90 Year-Old a Living History of Diabetes Treatment

When insulin was first discovered more than 80 years ago, everyone thought it was a cure for diabetes. Turns out, the disease was more complicated. Gladys Dull of Walla Walla, WA was one of the first people to get an insulin shot. Listen here.

Wanted: Small Town Doctors

Quality health care can be hard to find for residents of small towns and rural areas. Pomeroy, Washington is trying once again to sell small-town life to big-city doctors. Listen here.

Tweeting to My Friends About Twitter

It’s the latest online social phenomenon. Thousands of people are answering the simple question — What are you doing? — all day long. Listen here.

Shopping for Your Own Private Island

You know you’ve always wanted your own private island escape. Turns out there are plenty of these jewels for sale… and you only have to be moderately wealthy to afford them. Listen here.

Teen Fights to Win Back Parents

A 15-year-old boy in Washington state will be the first minor to test a new law allowing adolescents to ask the courts to reinstate parental rights. His case is scheduled for court Monday. The boy and two siblings were taken from their parents five years ago after alleged parental neglect. Listen here.

Priest Embraces Two Faiths

The Episcopal Church has suspended one of its priests, Ann Holmes Redding, for one year after her announcement this summer that she is both a Christian and a Muslim. A local Muslim leader’s speech to Redding’s church two years ago inspired her to begin attending Muslim prayer services while she was still serving her local [...]

Teen Mayor Takes Charge of Oregon Town

At just 18 years old, Kyle Corbin was recently inaugurated as mayor of Union, Oregon. Voters hope that Corbin’s fresh young face will end years of political bickering. Listen here.

Parents of Stillborn Babies Push for Recognition

Parents in a number of states around the nation are fighting for what they see as recognition of their stillborn babies. They want the state to issue birth certificates for their babies instead of fetal death certificates. A few states have complied. Listen here.

Firms Hire Consultants to Handle Needy Workers

Companies are hiring consultants to help manage the “over-praised” Me Generation. The result? Kudos for showing up to work on time! Awards for getting a report in! Forget Employee of the Month — how about Employee of the Day! Some managers are resistant, saying the only praise they ever got was a paycheck. [...]