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Monthly Archives: December 2008

How 6 Parts Nearly Delayed World’s Biggest Airliner

In a global economy, an airplane’s production can be threatened by events thousands of miles away. Here’s how six pieces of metal nearly cost engineer Ben Hempstead half a million dollars and held up the largest passenger plane in history.  Listen here.

A Strange Shortage Illustrates The Global Economy

If anyone needs more proof that we’re all part of a global economy, picture this: A young woman in Philadelphia is trying to decide on a rug for her new home, a mother in Japan is buying groceries for her kids, and a grain farmer in North Dakota is facing a strange and serious shortage. [...]

Using Mail As An Economic Indicator

There are lots of ways to measure the health of the economy: the inflation rate, GDP and unemployment numbers. There’s another economic index — measured by someone you may have never considered an expert on economic matters — your mailman.  Listen here.

Currency Traders Spy Opportunity In Crazy Times

Tiny changes in the dollar can mean huge gains or losses or currency traders.  Over the last couple of months, currencies have moved so much these guys aren’t getting much rest.  Listen here.